Race Information


In 2021 we are offering ALL NEW RACE COURSES. 

A 60km or 200km human-powered winter race on a network of groomed snowmobile trails. Groomed is relative. This is a backcountry event that will require some experience and winter survival skills. You will be challenged, humbled and rewarded in many different ways. The 200km distance course will not be marked and you will need to navigate by GPS or map and compass. The 60km will be well marked. If you can read a map you will have no problem following the route. You will need to be self-sufficient and carry all your own gear, food, and water, although there will be checkpoints and aid stations.

This event was created to help people gain experience and learn about backcountry winter travel. We feel everyone needs that chance and we do not require a resume of races to do the 60km or 200km distance, although past winter travel experience is strongly recommended.

Please understand that temperatures of 20 below are not uncommon. The snowfall average at 6300′, your low point, is over 200″ and over 300″ at your high point of 8300′. Snow is guaranteed!


There are no short cuts or bail out spots. If you feel you need to evaluate things I might suggest doing that at Aid 1. Turning around at Aid 1 will still yield plenty of miles riding in the snow. 




Open to bike, foot, and ski.

January 9, 2021
8:00 am start


Open to bike, foot, and ski.

January 8-10, 2021

7:00 am start


in Island Park, Idaho is the event headquarters. The lodge is a restaurant, pizzeria, and bar with cabins available.


in Island Park, Idaho is where registration, gear check, and the racer meetings will all take place. 


The race start will take place across the street from the Ponds Lodge next to the Forest Service building (you will see signs).


The race start will take place under the famous arch at the Ponds Lodge (you will see signs).

The route takes place in and around the area – The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. You will be riding just outside Yellowstone National Park. 


I will provide more information as the race gets closer via this website and a participant newsletter. The race meeting is not mandatory but is very helpful for participants. If you do not come to the meeting PLEASE read through the entire website before the start and read the newsletter that will come out the week before the race. 


The meeting will be held at the Springhill Suites for all 200km/60km racers that will address trail conditions, rules, safety, etc and last-minute info that I need to pass along. 


Thursday, Jan 7, 6:30 pm – Racer meeting and light hors d'oeuvres provided by Springhill Suites.
Friday, Jan 8, 6:00 am –  Short meeting outside our cabin at Ponds Lodge. Meant for prepared veterans that cannot make the meeting the evening before due to travel logistics. This will be very brief. I will only be passing along information that is not found here on the website and any last-minute changes. I will also answer any questions you may have.

    *I highly encourage and recommend to you to be at the event site on Thursday. Thursday’s meeting will be much more informative.
    *Friday’s meeting will be very brief and only for veterans.
    *We have included the last minute Friday morning race day, gear check and meeting outside our cabin at the Ponds Lodge with respect to people's time away from home, travel, and veterans of the event. If you fall into this category don’t come unprepared, be late, or cause stress to yourself or the event management. We will not cut you slack if you come up short on a piece of equipment, are late, or do not make the meeting. We will not let you start and you will not get a refund.

Friday, Jan 8, 7:00 am - 200K start under the arch at Ponds Lodge! 


Friday, Jan 8, 7:30 pm – Brief racer meeting at Springhill Suites for all disciplines.

Saturday, Jan 9, 6:30 am – Day-of check-in and brief racer meeting for all disciplines at the start line at the Forest Service Station. Sign-in closes at 7:30am!

Saturday, Jan 9, 8:00 am - 60K start at Forest Service Station!


200km / 60km

Thursday, Jan 7, 3:00pm – 6:00pm and until 9pm after the 200km meeting. At Springhill Suites.
Friday, Jan 8, 2:00pm – 6:00pm and until 9pm after the 60km meeting. At Springhill Suites.
Saturday, Jan 9, 6:30 am – 7:30 am – For 60km ONLY! At the Forest Service Station. 


  •  Don’t make it difficult and arrive last minute thinking you are the only one.

  • Make sure you show up prepared with all your gear! Don’t expect to be able to get last-minute gear in Island Park. Food, yes. Gear, not really.


Yes, Please

60km Overall

1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive a custom made award along with prizes from sponsors. If you have ever been to a JayP’s Backyard Series race you already know we do a heck of a raffle as well!

200km Overall

1st – Award Buckle, sponsor prizes and an open spot to register for the 2022 ITI*

2nd – Award Buckle, sponsor prizes

3rd – Award Buckle, sponsor prizes

Men and women awarded separately in all distances.

Our sponsors give us lots of great stuff and it goes directly to you. Some of it will get given away to the overall winners and the rest will be raffled. Did I say we get a lot of great stuff for you.


I have always said we don’t clap for raffles and I would hate to put you through an hour of calling names. So, we do a silent raffle while you are out on the trail. When you get back to the lodge check the table to see if your name is on any of the prizes. Everyone gets one raffle ticket and you can buy additional tickets.

Please visit our Sponsors page to see who is supporting this event and making it possible. These are brands and business we believe in so please consider supporting them.

*The person who wins the opportunity to register for the Iditarod Trail Invitational will have to be approved by me, JayP. I will be responsible for giving the Iditarod Trail Invitational organizers the OK on your ability and that you are capable of competing on that trail. As I have a full understanding and great respect of what the Iditarod Trail Invitational has to offer I will only give my honest opinion to both you and the organizers. In short, just don’t do anything that will put you or anybody else at risk. Thanks for understanding.

The Fat Pursuit 200km is a qualifier for the Iditarod Trail Invitational.


12:00 pm, Sunday, January 10th we will have a toast at Ponds Lodge. This is an effort to celebrate all the riders, present or not, and a THANK YOU for being part of this event. Everybody is welcome, it is a celebration. I understand some might be on course and some may go home but I hope it encourages more to stick around and no matter where you are at – raise your water bottle or your glass and give a healthy shout out to the Fat Pursuit!



EMAIL: jaypetervary@gmail.com

Turning your pedals just a stones throw away from Yellowstone National Park, you will be riding in tall lodgepole conifers, the historic Yellowstone fire burns and along Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.


The Fat Pursuit provides a fantastic excuse to not only achieve an outstanding accomplishment but venture beside Yellowstone National Park during the quietest time of the year.