Rules & Guidelines


If you think of the words “ethics, respect and safety” in regards to your fellow competitor, other trail users, the land you are on, the event management and other establishments you come across we don’t feel we need many rules but here are a bunch anyway.

Any racer who fails to not meet any requirements and/or fails to comply with the following rules will be disqualified from the event. There will be no refund and you will not be accepted to come back.

  1. It is mandatory for all participants to be registered, signed off on the gear check, sign the waivers and attend the pre-race meeting before their chosen start to participate in this event.

  2. Support – No outside support is allowed. A racer may take help from another racer and race officials only while on the trail. A racer may use commercial services they come across only, as well as the Checkpoints. A racer may not take help from another snowmobile rider or trail user. This event takes on the self-supported style of racing.
    *Note – If this gets spoiled it will be removed from the future. Family members and/or friends that traveled with a participant may visit the checkpoints. This is to give the companion an opportunity to see the area, something to do, and add a little spectating. Do not give the associated participant anything and do not clog the Checkpoints. Maybe ask management if there is room first and DO NOT visit them on the trail. Thank you for respecting this opportunity to see a person you are rooting for.


  3. Bivvying / Sleeping – If you choose to bivy while in between checkpoints it is mandatory to remove yourself off the trail and set up. You must also face your safety light towards the trail to let others know you are out there and safe.

  4. Call of nature – When going to the bathroom please use etiquette. Go off the trail and keep it clean. Enough said.

  5. Evacuation – If we need to haul you off course for one reason or another it will cost you. It will cost you $250! Yep, come prepared! Hey 60km folks don’t take this “short” distance lightly and please come prepared – this applies to you too! 

  6. What you start with is what you finish with. You can not leave gear at Checkpoints along the way.

  7. Do not litter, don’t you dare.

  8. Don’t be a ….!

  9. Do not interfere with any other trail users.

  10. Do not ask or get a ride from a snowmobile and leave your bike in the woods unless it is a complete emergency that has you at risk. This will be hard to justify considering you have emergency equipment and camping supplies. Exhaustion or being tired of pushing your bike does not count as an emergency.


Participants must reach and leave these points by the specified time to continue. Race management will have the final call for someone to continue or not beyond the specified time. We must be considerate of our permit and the team of people it takes to make this event possible.

200km / 200 Mile

Checkpoint 1:  Trail Side Tent – No cut-off in place. At this point, you will have a good idea of what you are getting into and I will let you make your own decision about carrying on. Of course, you need to pass the water boil test first.
Checkpoint 2: West Yellowstone – Sunday, January 12, 6:00 am
Checkpoint 3: Man Cave – Sunday, January 12, 6:00 pm
Finish – No cut-off. With that being said please respect the volunteers and organization by not bivvying all night after the Man Cave Checkpoint. With all your power do what you can to push through to the finish. It is ~25 miles to the finish for the 200 mile and ~17 miles for the 200 km. Thank you!

The goal is to see everyone finish but to incorporate cut-off times that keep the participant moving and strategizing to there own beat. I am somewhat lenient and it may be a case by case situation at times but so far these times have been sufficient.



NO cut off times but no bivvying allowed either!!


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