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Island Park Snow-machine Trail 

Trail Grooming

Without the incredible State run snowmobile grooming program these trails would not exist. There are several Pisten Bully groomers that go out every single night to keep up with the snow fall and maintenance of this trail network – the most in all of the state.

Current Trail Grooming

Freemont County Snowmobile Report

West Yellowstone Snowmobile Report

West Yellowstone Ski Report

Snowfall Information

Island Park Snowtel Station
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US National Forest Service Headquarters / Ponds Lodge,

Island Park, Idaho 

60k Race

Start / Finish – US National Forest Service Headquarters across from Ponds Lodge
Aid Stations – Harriman State Park @ 16 miles, self serve station @ 26 miles


200k Race

Start / Finish – Ponds Lodge 
Aid Stations – Sawtelle Mountain Resort, others CPs to be determined



Aid stations will be different this year due to COVID. We are working on minimum-impact aid stations to keep everyone safe. There will be more opportunities to use public resources (such as Sawtelle Mountain Resort) as well as your own resources (drop bags) and race resources. All competitors must check-in with a checkpoint volunteer at each distances affiliated checkpoints. We will follow all COVID safety guidelines at aid stations. 



HARRIMAN STATE PARK A well-stocked, manned aid station in the parking lot at Harriman.

SAWTELLE MOUNTAIN RESORT This will be the most luxurious checkpoint where you can get warm, have some food, and even pick up your own supplies if you are renting a room at the resort. 


This is an outside checkpoint on the route off to the side of the trail that you can not miss. It is also the location where you will do your Water Boil Test. There are several EZ-up shelters and heaters going but it is a camp that we set-up. Don't expect too much comfort here. If you're looking to sleep I suggest getting up the trail a ways away from the checkpoint.

REMEMBER: Checkpoints are meant to be exactly that and act as an aid station/resupply. Race management did not organize these for you to sleep in but certainly rest if you need to.  

First come, first serve with the available space. The same goes for the first one in is the first one out when it gets too crowded.  You are carrying sleeping gear and can sleep outside, of course OFF trail. With that being said there is room to take time to dry.

The 200km participants must stop and bring 8 ounces of water to a rolling boil at Checkpoint 1 before continuing on.
• You are only allowed to use the equipment and supplies you are carrying.
• You can use snow.
• You can not use the Checkpoint supplies.
• You can aid from the checkpoint before, during and after your water boil.
• The water boil area will be directly across from the checkpoint.


For 200km only. 60km race does not allow drop bags. 
More information on drop bag transport and locations will be provided soon. Drop bags should include food only. No additional gear such as batteries, hand warmers, and clothing are permitted in the drop bag. You must start with all the equipment you need as well as finish with the equipment you start with. No dropping of equipment. Drop bags should be packed in a garbage bag. We do not guarantee drop bags will be returned. When the checkpoint volunteers close the checkpoint and return to the Ponds Lodge they will bring back whatever drop bags were remaining.


(This does NOT apply to the 60km distance event.)

Tracking is mandatory. We work with Trackleaders.com for this service.
The cost of this is on top of the registration cost and must be done at registration checkout.
Reserved SPOT devices will be available for pick-up at racer registration. If you signed up for tracking and have your own device Trackleaders will email participants asking for your ESN number and shared page link.
The devices we supply are SPOT ‘Trace’ units (smaller and lighter) and operate on 4 AAA lithium batteries that you need to supply.


As we develop the route this information will be updated. Cut-off times will be based generously on walkers' times, therefore there is a lot of wiggle room for bikers and skiers. 


Cut-off at Aid Station 1 - 2 p.m.


With respect to all the participants who are taking this Pursuit on and knowing the preparation that goes into it, as well as the new course this year with no past years' beta, there might be flexibility with this. We want everyone to succeed but we also need everyone to be safe, including our volunteers. 

That said please make an honest evaluation with yourself leaving Aid 1, mile 16. We may also step in if we see you are not prepared (pack appropriately) to go on and not allow you to go on. This is not the multi-day distance event and you must have constant forward movement. This will the easiest place to self evacuate. The next section does not offer any bail-outs to leave the route early. Do some simple math and understand you are not going to get faster as the day goes on and the sun sets. 


Aid 2 - Mile ~26. A self-serve Aid station with water, electro drink and energy food ie, gels, bars. We will monitor this location accordingly.