Welcome to Fat Pursuit:

 The COVID Challenge

Fat Pursuit is NOT canceled but it has changed into a do-it-on-your-own winter adventure!


The PURSUIT: To ride, ski or run 60k or 200k on snow (80% of the route) - heck, put a trainer, a treadmill, or nordic track outside in the snow and I’ll accept that!


Who: Anyone. 


Where: Here, there, anywhere on snow.


When: Starting January 8th, our original Pursuit date, and continuing through January 31, 2021.


Route Suggestions: You design your own route. It can be outside with a trainer on the snow :). It can be laps on your local trail system, nordic center,  or an adventure you've been scheming for a while. Design a Pursuit route and share it with others near to you. Do it on some of the other winter ultra routes that are out there. We don't discriminate, we want to motivate!

Our new 2021 Fat Pursuit routes (with a modification due to a special exception on a trail for our original event) in Island Park are available as well. 


Trackleaders (online tracking) will be an option for people doing our original 200k Fat Pursuit route. We will recognize these individuals for attempting an ITT (individual time trial) and score them by time and award them with our belt buckles as always. There is a good chance of an appearance by JayP, which might include some trail magic!


Special Tests: Just like always 200k participants are required to boil water some time during their Pursuit. Since this is not a race and it is a winter challenge we encourage you to practice other winter skills i.e. fire building, bivvying!, water crossings, igloo building...I encourage 60k participants to take part in some of this too!! 


Time Cut-Off: There is not one. Just do it in one continuous outing. Without the added pressure of a time cut-off or this being a “race," (it never was anyway as it was always a PURSUIT!) again, we encourage practicing your winter skills!

Proof of Ride: Take a snap shot of your route, computer or just tell us what you did. Take a pic of yourself in the elements, your water boil and/or other special tests and tag #fatpursuit #RideForward. Or just send me an email. We will share your post and feature different stories along the way. Keep it fun and be creative!


Toast: We will wrap up the Pursuit with our annual toast. Raise a glass, bottle, mug or flask on January 31st 2021 at 12:00PM wherever you are to celebrate the continuation of Fat Pursuit and to not letting things get in our way but instead being flexible at any given time!


Registration: $75 with a % of proceeds being donated to Island Park Parks and Rec (specifically to the winter grooming program) and Harriman State Park. Both have been part of the reason Fat Pursuit can exist and a part of being an advocate/ambassador is building and keeping these relationships. I don't want this year to be any different with what we have donated to them in the past. 


What do you get for registering?

Keeping with tradition 60k participants will receive a beanie and the 200k participants will receive a hoodie. There will be a modified logo this year commemorating the COVID Challenge.


Exclusive Webinars: These will be short, sweet and informative. You will receive a member log-in when you register where you will be able to view 3 videos I made. I will wrap things up with a final video of Q&A from a poll I will put out. 


Finisher Deuce Trowel Available to the first 100 finishers.  provided by @widefoot!

Another item will be available for finishers after 100.


Additional Prizes Awarded To:
Coldest Pursuit - recorded on a thermometer

Longest Pursuit by Time - How many nights did you spend outside?

Youngest Pursuer

Oldest Pursuer 

Items will be sent out after January 31 along with a finisher prize. 


On January 8th I and others will be recreating on the routes. There will be some trail angels floating around...there is a new event

v-plow that needs to be used…there may be someone interested in setting a camp up out there…


With the help and motivation from everyone I look forward to the kick off the event weekend and the remainder of the month with everyone pursuing!

I am stoked to take part in this challenge. I hope to do every special test and then some!


*This is an on-your-own adventure! You are responsible for yourself! You are making your own decisions in everything and anything you decide to do! This challenge is simply that. There are no meetings, waivers, registration process and we are not responsible for you.

 Winter Fat Bike Camps are 



January 3-5, 2021


February 4-8, 2021

Two exciting winter fat bike camps for 2021 in Island Park, Idaho near

Yellowstone National Park.


Group size limited to 10 participants per state restrictions. 

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