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Winter Bike Camps


I left camp having made some great new friends and having an extreme sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. If you’ve ever had thoughts or aspirations of competing in winter fat biking I would strongly urge you to attend Jay P’s Fat Camp. Be warned though, his “Always Ride Forward” mentality is infectious.


-Jason Hanson

Fat Camp 2021



Photo credit Jamye Chrisman

Fat Pursuit Workshop

January 6-8, 2025

   Fat Pursuit Workshop is meant to give participants taking part in the Fat Pursuit Race (but not limited to those participants) an opportunity to test gear, acclimate to the environment and elevation in Island Park, Idaho, and learn additional winter travel cycling tips and tricks. We will also give you a little more insight to the race itself and ride some of the course!

   We will touch base on many winter expedition traveling aspects but spend most of our time discussing, practicing and learning things we feel are most important in an event where efficient travel and taking care of yourself are essential in making it to the finish line.

   This is an incredible way to boost your confidence and give yourself a shakedown before the Fat Pursuit if you are participating in it!


Photo credit Jamye Chrisman

Fat bike camp

TBD FOR 2025

   Our four-day training camp is designed for the first time winter rider as well as for the more experienced winter traveler. This camp will further your knowledge and education about winter bikepacking and survival in the variable conditions one might encounter during a winter bike adventure. We will go more in-depth with these things than during our Fat Pursuit Workshop.

   Whether you are preparing for an upcoming multi-day winter bike race, personal expedition or looking to enjoy a day ride, you are certain to take away plenty of knowledge by attending this camp.

   Having the right gear that works for you and knowing how to use it, is essential. All the little tricks which we have acquired by trial and error through thousands of miles of winter riding and camping will be of benefit to you. It may save your fingers, toes or possibly your life one day.


Photo credit Eddie Clark

Fat Bike custom workshop

   If you want an opportunity to prepare for future events, personal outings, or just have some fun, get your gear dialed, and learn what it takes to travel and sleep outside in winter conditions, we can put together a personalized expedition plan catering to you or your group for optimal learning and growth. Jay will be your guide and he brings a wealth of experience from many winter ultras including 13 finishes at the Iditarod Trail Invitational.

   From the first-time winter traveler to the experienced fat-bikepacker, everyone will take away useful information from a private workshop in Teton Valley, Idaho. We will touch on many winter expedition traveling aspects and discuss, practice, and synthesize the essential elements of safe, efficient travel over snow. 


Jay Petervary

A professional cyclist filled with bike knowledge. JayP may have the most ultra endurance cycling experience, with 25 years of multi-day racing, 15 years of winter fat biking, and a race resume too long to list.

Jay has competed 13 times on the Iditarod trail.

Tracey Petervary.jpg

Tracey Petervary

Tracey's 20 years of ultra racing experience includes 10yrs of winter ultra cycling. She has done the Iditarod Trail Invitational five times (North and South routes to Nome - 1000 miles), Fat Pursuit and Arrrowhead. Learn how far a positive attitude can take you!


Rebecca Rusch

Special Guest

Rebecca is an American ultra endurance professional athlete, seven-time World Champion, author, entrepreneur, Emmy Award winner, and motivational speaker whose career has spanned numerous adventure sports including fat bike expeditions, rock climbing, adventure racing, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing and mountain biking. 


Kevin Emery

Special Guest

Kevin is a guide, groomer, and all around good guy with decades of experience in all kinds of outdoor education. When he's not teaching others, he likes to ride long distances and create memorable routes in the region. 


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