Winter Bike Camps

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   For me my initial thoughts were, what have I gotten myself into? Purely based on my perspective of gear, and what I thought I was going to use and what I actually had to use.

   By the end of the camp, I was more than happy if not ecstatic with my whole experience!

   My biggest takeaways from #FATCAMP2018 were; moisture management, doing the work required at the right time and patience along with and most importantly, and that's having the right equipment and knowledge of its use and how to use my gear efficiently.

   The gold stars went to the organization and organizers of the camp!.

              ~ George Adams, Australia



January 3-5, 2021

   Fat Pursuit Camp is meant to give participants taking part in the Fat Pursuit, but not limited to those participants, an opportunity to test gear, acclimate to the environment and elevation and learn additional winter travel cycling tips and tricks. We will also give you a little more insight to the Fat Pursuit itself and ride some of the course!

   We will touch base on many winter expedition traveling aspects but spend most of our time discussing, practicing and learning things we feel are most important to get to the finish line of an event where efficient travel and taking care of yourself becomes most important in making it to the finish line.

   This is an incredible way to boost your confidence and give yourself a “shake down” before the Fat Pursuit if you are participating in it!


February 4-8, 2021

   Our 5 day training camp is designed for the 1st time winter rider as well as for the more experienced winter traveler. This camp will further your knowledge and education about winter bike packing and survival in the variable conditions one might encounter during a winter bike adventure. We will go more in-depth with these things vs our Fat Pursuit Camp.

   Whether you are preparing for an upcoming multi-day winter bike race, personal expedition or looking to enjoy a day ride, you are certain to take away plenty of knowledge by attending this camp.

   Having the right gear that works for you and knowing how to use it, is essential. All the little tricks which we have acquired by trial and error through thousands of miles of winter riding and camping will be of benefit to you. It may save your fingers, toes or possibly your life one day.

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