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Bridger Teton National Forest


Togwotee, Kelly, Dubois, Jackson, Pindale

I explored parts of this route in the fall and want to try it for the Fat Pursuit.  It is ~130 miles and has "aid stations" at mile 30 (Togwotee Mountain Lodge) and mile 54 (Lava Mountain Lodge) and it looks like you could add Brooks Lake Lodge and Kendall Lodge which would get you up to ~150 miles.  There is a good grooming conditions and route planning map at    

There are ungroomed sections of the A trail (3 miles at mile 71) and the R trail (6 miles at mile 99) that look highly travelled but could be interesting.  There are likely creek crossings, especially two crossings on the Gros Ventre River (mile 8 and mile 104) which were knee deep in the fall and I don't know if they get shallower or form snow bridges.

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Along the Peak to Peak Hwy an hour or less from Boulder.


38 miles, 5000' 


From Betsy:

It's 100% user packed so it's a total wild card and true winter adventure! One of my favorite areas to ride close to home.

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38 miles w/ 2K


A route made up of Town Trails.

"I have ridden all these trails in winter as they get enough traffic for biking, the streets that connect have always felt safe."

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This route starts and ends in small town of Monroe,WI. It is made out of four Wisconsin's main recreational trails: Badger State Trail, Sugar River State Trail, Military Ridge State Trail and Cheese Country Trail. These are rails-trails open to ATVs and snowmobiles. There are short paved connectors, mainly low traffic roads between these trails. There are campgrounds and shelters along the way and few of them are marked on the map as POIs.

Riders will have a chance to experience a little bit of Switzerland in the town of New Glarus, established by immigrants from that country. Even Casey's General Store looks like swiss chalet. Not far from there route passes through Stewart Tunnel, one of few train related infrastructures found along the way.

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Here's a first pass on what I was thinking... of course conditions will need to work with me on a few segments. I started / ended the ride at a new / soon to open neighborhood coffee shop (Otter East) down the road from me... so really its a ride from home route. Anyhow, the heart of it ends up on seasonally closed USFS roads / snow machine trails and then at the Rikert Nordic Center, which maintains fat biking trails. Figured I'd take a meandering route up the x-c center, loop around their offerings and then take mostly trails back down the hill... gets me to 60K.  will def be an adventure!

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From the Colorado ladies crew... this will be our 200k route. 100k loop done clockwise then counterclockwise to achieve the 200k distance.  The only wild card will be how far we can get on Hagerman Pass.  We may have to come up with a contingency plan if it's impassable.


Leadville has an awesome fat bike / groomed scene and is probably the only place in Colorado right now that we can get this many miles of groomed trail all linked together for one big ride.  Of course, grooming is relative and the weather dictates course conditions. 


We are planning a Fat Pursuit weekend start to be with you guys in spirit.  


We should add there are several caveats to that route posted. So riders can modify how they see fit I’m sure. We will be adjusting on the fly most likely.

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Northern Québec





The route begins and ends in the Cree community of Mistissini in the northern region of Québec located at the 50th parallel. It travels on snowmobile trails passing on ancestral traplines belonging to the Iserhoff and Mianscum families. The Cree First Nation have inhabited these black spruce forests for the passed 3 millennia.


The skies are big on this route. Frigid nights make the stars look closer. It’s not uncommon to see lynxes, wolves and foxes, but your main companion will be the friendly Canada Jay who will accompany you for a moment on your trip.


After the first 100km you’ll reach the town of Chibougamau where, if you’re lucky, something will still be open for you to get a hot beverage!


Then it’s the return trip. First on logging roads where you’ll be passed by monster double load trucks before it turns west back on snowmobile trails where the grooming is anything but certain!



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Fat Pursuit winter cycling adventure.  The event will begin appropriately at the Mad River Mountain Ski Resort near Bellefontaine OH through XeNIA* and OregoNIA* on the Simon Kenton and Little Miami River trails to CaliforNIA* Woods Nature Preserve near Cincinnati from Ohio's highest point to close to Ohio's lowest point, a distance of 125 mi (201 km)  The first 10 and last 1 mile are on streets. (Sorry the best I could do in my part of Ohio)  Presuming the rest of the trail is covered with snow that will be 92% snow cover. The Xenia to Oregonia section out and back entirely on trail is 41 mi (66 km), if I or any other pursuers decide to opt for a shorter challenge.

We will hope for snow and will select the best snow conditions between Jan. 8-31. The trails here are paved, but they are not groomed or plowed during the winter.


* NIA - No Impact Activity

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Washington Crossing


This route begins & ends in Washington Crossing, PA. The site where George Washington crossed the Delaware River and turned the tide of the Revolutionary War. 

Hopefully, thinking about how Washington's ragged army persevered on that cold winter night, as well as the weeks of hardship beforehand, will help keep me motivated to keep pushing through the 200k. 

The route is almost entirely on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River on the Delaware & Lehigh (D&L) Nation Historic Corridor (canal path). An historic part of the Industrial Revolution dating back 300 years. 


This route is essentially the 2018 Fat Epic route promoted by Jim Vreeland. 

Will there be snow? Who knows! We could get lucky. 

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